Welcome to the dungeon!

Hello adventurer! If you like sega genesis music and also cool tunes for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign,
then I am pleased to announce that you have arrived to the correct castle in the net.

Check out my releases:

...On bandcamp.... FOR NOW.

My latest release: The Pillars of Ruination

I don't have a cassette for this release.... yet...
My first ever release: Sword of Hailstone

This comes with a free RPG app for your "smart" phone!!

If you are also interested, my cassette releases come with RPG games. I am unfortunately sold out but drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks Ithildin for posting a picture of my tapes and thank you for buying them! For everyone visiting, you can find Ithildin on bandcamp
and they make a lot of really great music about Tolkein works. I own Vol III on cassette but keep missing the other tape drops.

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